Parenting Classes Online: Certificate Available

These unique parenting classes involve very little reading. You HEAR the teacher speaking, and WATCH the PowerPoint presentation. Classes are available for immediate viewing on your computer, and are accessible 24/7.
Each parenting class is only $10, and is about 1.5 hours long.

Online Parenting Courses

Learn positive parenting tips, simple techniques to re-gain some peace in your home, and fun ways to increase compliance. Parenting can be fun!

Children wearing you out?
Do they whine? argue? tantrum?

"My parenting classes emphasize the importance of love, communication and a close relationship between parents and children. I believe that much of the shaping of children's behavior and character can be accomplished through positive and fun activities that increase family bonds. I teach respectful discipline methods that preserve the parent-child relationship, and build responsibility in children."

Nathalie Kretzmann, M.S.

Telephone Consultations:
$15 per 1/2 hour
Certificates of Completion:

only 1 certificate is needed, regardless of how many classes you take.
Available for courts and adoption/foster care agencies.

Raising Happy Children Course

- Create a close happy family
- Stop arguing with your child
- Help an angry child
... and much more

Raising Happy Teens Course

- The "grounding" secret
- Reduce family conflict
- Influence and motivate teens
... and much more

Why Take These Classes?

- watch and hear the teacher
- available 24/7, start immediately
- stop and restart when you want
- starting at only $10